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“This is a Ceramic Band Heater, which heats the barrel through which raw material is passed to its final product. It is reliable and can be repaired several times. This heater often breaks down.


 2 ½” or 65mm and up.


 1 ½” or 38mm and up.


 Up to 480 V (single or three phase)

 Watt Density

 Up to 50 W/Sq.In.

 Resistance Tolerance

 NEMA Standard plus 10% Minus 5%

 Wattage Tolerance 

 NEMA Standard plus 5% Minus 10%


 Junction Box fitted with braided cable & Post terminals & many more options 


 Stainless Steel 304

 Clamping Arrangement

 M6 Fastner

 Maximum ID  

 Consult Factory



Heater built in Ceramic fiber insulation will reduce power consumption.

Spot welded “Clamp bars” provide uniform clamping force.

Helical heating coil made of high quality nickel chrome resistance wire inserted in the holes of Ceramic “Steatite” Insulators.

Stainless Steel housing with serated edges provide maximum flexibility for ease of installation.

Protective terminal box with metal braided fiberglass insulated lead wire the high electrolity copper lugs are crimped on the exit of the lead wire.