Our products

Available with or without outer heat saving insulation covers. We make these heaters in S.S, Brass, MS, materials depending upon applications and requirement of actual users. Specially selected mica or micanite sheets and a specific gauge nickel-chrome resistance ribbon wire are used.


Technical Specifications
 Sheath material  Stainless Steel 304 / Brass / M S Galvanised
 Insulatation material  Mica & Micatile Sheet
 Heating element  NiCr 80 : 20
 Connection leads  Fibre Glass Metal Braided Cable
 Voltage  110 to 440 volts
 Surface Load  Upto 30 w / In2
 Power tolerance  / - 10%
 Resistance  / - 10 %
 Insulation resistance (Cold)  20 M Ohms
 Clamping gap  8 to 10 mm
 Sheath temperature  Upto 400ºC


Applications :
Plastic processing Machinery
Injection and Blow Molding
Many other Applications